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over {м.р.}

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over {имя существительное}
over {нареч.}
to over {глаг.}
over {предлог}

ES over
{мужской род}

over {имя существительное} (in cricket)
Tal efecto se consigue normalmente introduciendo izquierda (a over b right).
You normally achieve such an effect by entering left (a over b right).
Veinte de estos estudios que incluían a 300 participantes tuvieron un diseño cruzado (cross-over).
Twenty of these studies involving 300 participants were cross-over in design.
Los ensayos eran de diseño cruzado (cross-over); en este caso no se pudo realizar un metanálisis.
All but two of the trials were cross-over in design; a meta-analysis was not possible.

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SpanishTodos los estudios usaron un diseño cruzado (cross-over) y fueron de alta calidad.
SpanishLos resultados no fueron combinados porque los estudios eran todos de diseño cruzado (cross-over).
No results were combined as the studies were all of a crossover design.
SpanishEn mi opinión, Suecia ha perdido por walk over.
I believe that things have, in a way, been made too easy for those who follow.
SpanishGENIUS GmbH HS-02B Over-the-Head Binaural Stereo Headset
SpanishPlantronics .AUDIO 326 Over-the-Head Headset
SpanishHigh Power over Ethernet utilizando el midspan High
SpanishGENIUS GmbH HS-02B Over-the-Head Binaural Stereo Headset
SpanishDe éstos, dos eran estudios paralelos aleatorios, uno era un estudio cruzado (cross-over) y el otro tenía un diseño secuencial.
Of these, two were randomised parallel studies, one was a crossover study and the other had a sequential design.
SpanishPlantronics .AUDIO 326 Over-the-Head Headset
SpanishEn el otra lado, todavía hay personas que desean que se regule un company statute europeo y las take-over bids.
On the other hand, there are also people who would like to see a European company statute, and who want takeover bids to be regulated.
SpanishEn los ensayos con un diseño cruzado (cross-over) no se utilizaron los datos del tratamiento posteriores al cruzamiento.
The follow-up period was generally limited, with only one study of intranasal steroid reporting outcome data beyond six months.
SpanishOver the years many people have worked to create national parks for Scotland but there is one man who can be credited with actually making it happen: John McFall.
The armed gang kept me in captivity for two nights but it seemed like a thousand years.
SpanishDeeply rooted in its corporate culture, the concern for the artists’ health and safety takes precedence over any artistic endeavor or business decision.
Cirque du Soleil has never stopped growing, and creation is the key driving force behind this growth.
SpanishUno de estos ensayos representó el 68% del total de participantes y siete de estos ensayos usaron un diseño cruzado (cross-over).
Seventeen trials with 1562 participants compared an inhaled antibiotic with placebo or usual treatment for a duration between 1 and 32 months.
SpanishSe evaluó la validez en cuanto al método de asignación al azar, la compleción del seguimiento, la presencia o ausencia de cruzamiento (cross-over) y cointervención.
A separate analysis of studies was performed for human albumin and hydroxyethyl starch versus placebo or no treatment.
Spanish” In recent years it has recorded sustained annual growth of over 50 and currently employs 2,900 people of 72 nationalities.
While maintaining stringent standards of artistic quality and originality, Cirque du Soleil brings the same energy and spirit that characterize each of its shows to all its innovative projects.
SpanishThe controversy over the 40-story steel and glass building surely was anticipated; the French capital has had a 30+ year drought of buildings over 121ft.
Sustainable practices have also been incorporated into the design with 50% of the roof intended to act as a green roof and plans for the building to be LEED Silver compliant.
SpanishSeñor Presidente, hay una parte de los asuntos que se van a examinar en la próxima CIG de la que ya tenemos conocimiento: son los llamados left over de Amsterdam.
Mr President, we already know about some of the issues that will be discussed at the forthcoming WTO negotiations: they are the so-called " left-overs " from Amsterdam.
SpanishGama, que es el del cuarto "left over", y espero que esto no quede ahí gracias a las cooperaciones reforzadas.
It has done so, in particular, on a point Mr Gama mentioned, the fourth Amsterdam 'leftover' , and I hope the 'enhanced cooperations' will allow us to move on.
SpanishGama, que es el del cuarto " left over ", y espero que esto no quede ahí gracias a las cooperaciones reforzadas.
It has done so, in particular, on a point Mr Gama mentioned, the fourth Amsterdam 'leftover ', and I hope the 'enhanced cooperations ' will allow us to move on.

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