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boo {имя существительное}
to boo {глаг.}

EN boo
{имя существительное}

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EnglishGonna look in a window at the Radley house... and see if we can get a look at Boo Radley!
On va regarder à une fenêtre de chez les Radley... et voir si on peut apercevoir Boo Radley !
EnglishBoo only comes out at night... when you're asleep and it's pitch dark.
Boo ne sort que la nuit quand t'es endormi et qu'il fait tout noir.
EnglishI still looked for Boo every time I went by the Radley place.
Je cherchais toujours Boo chaque fois que je passais devant chez les Radley.
EnglishThe Americans say boo, it sheepishly says it cannot do this.
Les Américains haussent le ton et il dit timidement que nous ne pouvons pas faire cela.
EnglishLet's go down to the courthouse and see the room that they locked Boo up in.
EnglishIt was to be a long time... before Jem and I talked about Boo again.
EnglishBo*o Kovacevic, Minister of Environment and Physical Planning of Croatia
Son Excellence M. Bo*o Kovacevic, Ministre de l'environnement et de la planification physique de la Croatie
EnglishI was trying to warn him about Boo, but he wouldn't believe me.
EnglishAbstract prepared by Lawrence Boo (National Correspondent)
EnglishAbstract prepared by Lawrence Boo (National Correspondent)
EnglishI go past Boo Radley's house nearly every day of my life.
EnglishWe came down to find out where Boo Radley was locked up.
EnglishWell, for one thing, he has a boy named Boo... that he keeps chained to a bed in the house over yonder.
Eh bien, d'abord... il a un garçon qui s'appelle Boo... qu'il garde enchaîné à un lit dans la maison là- bas.
EnglishShin Boo-nam Counsellor Mrs. Shin Ji-eon
EnglishTell him about the time Boo tried to kill his papa.
EnglishBoo-Nam Shin (Republic of Korea)
EnglishBoo-Nam Shin (Republic of Korea)
EnglishWhat is with all your living in a low boo?
EnglishVice-Chairmen: Husniyya Mammadova (Azerbaijan) (also serving as Rapporteur) Shin Boo-nam (Republic of Korea)
Vice-Présidents : Husniyya Mammadova (Azerbaïdjan) (faisant également fonction de Rapporteure) Shin Boo-nam (République de Corée)
EnglishLawrence BOO (Singapore).