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very guarded
  • очень охраняемый
  • очень охраняется

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Данные предложения взяты с внешних ресурсов и могут быть неточными. bab.la не несёт ответственность за их содержание.

Selena recently explained that early on in her career her image was very guarded, but she has learned to be more open and raw.
When eventually it did respond, the spokesperson was very guarded, he said.
She was very guarded in that sense and the issues to us at least never seemed that bad.
The vet was very guarded in her optimism because the odds of both surviving are low.
Police advise should a salesperson come to your door selling any product or service, be very guarded and ask the salesperson for their credentials.
Some people on the ward would be very guarded and hostile, which occasionally focused into aggression.
Summers was very guarded when asked how much money she has saved up so far.
He was always very guarded about overreacting to racist slights or insults.

варианты переводов в англо-русском словаре

guarded прилагательное
very прилагательное
very наречие
very beautiful прилагательное
very well наречие
very few прилагательное
very early in the morning наречие