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very gregarious
  • очень стабильно
  • очень стадный

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My father was very gregarious and loved people coming over when we had open house.
Very gregarious and outgoing, he really was living life to its fullest, chasing his dreams.
He was great company, very gregarious, with lots of friends in different walks of life.
He's been matched with a big personality, who is a very gregarious fun radio announcer here.
When she was little she was very gregarious, still is, adventurous, charming outspoken, very self-opinionated and you know, moderately troublesome, but adorable.

варианты переводов в англо-русском словаре

gregarious прилагательное
very прилагательное
very наречие
very beautiful прилагательное
very well наречие
very few прилагательное
very early in the morning наречие