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very gratified
  • очень приятно

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Данные предложения взяты с внешних ресурсов и могут быть неточными. bab.la не несёт ответственность за их содержание.

But we are definitely experiencing that hockey-stick trajectory of growth and interest, and we're very gratified about how far we've been able to come in a year.
I have done television recently, and have been very gratified by it.
We have been very gratified by the enthusiastic response from our readers about the food.
Haldane said during a press conference he was "as everyone else is, very surprised and very gratified" to win the award.
Haldane told reporters he was "very surprised and very gratified" to win the award.
I am happy, indeed very gratified that those interventions have proved very positive.
Gilchrist commented on the day after the vote that he was very gratified at the vote, especially with the approval of an extra $6 million for the arts centre.
I am very gratified to report that this effort has been highly successful.

варианты переводов в англо-русском словаре

very прилагательное
very наречие
very beautiful прилагательное
very well наречие
very few прилагательное
very early in the morning наречие