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venom glands
  • ядовые железы
  • ядовитые железы

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It has the world's biggest venom glands which grow up to one quarter of its body length -- and it certainly knows how to use them.
It's got freaky venom glands, the longest of any in the world, but it's so beautiful.
It turns out that snakes' venom glands have co-opted many proteins that originally played more mundane roles elsewhere in their bodies.
Researchers have also solved the mystery of how monitor lizards got venom glands.
Within the cephalthorax are also the venom glands, which connect to the fangs.
They also contain the venom glands for the fangs, which are used to bite in defence and chew.
While the length of the long-glanded blue coral snake's venom glands was known, the way the venom worked hadn't been studied.
Their venom glands are located on their giant, over-sized pedipalps (arm-like part that extend from the body).
I was intimidated by the snakes' size and the enormous venom glands bulging under their cheeks.

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