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vegetable growers
  • овощеводов
  • овощеводы

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Another wonderful group that makes up about 30% of the floor space in any grocery store are fruit and vegetable growers.
The key trade visitor groups were fruit and vegetable growers, importers and exporters, as well as wholesalers and retailers.
Its contracts range from installing tanks of clean water in rural villages to market research on linking rural vegetable growers to potential buyers.
Catering to this demand offers a good potential for farmers and vegetable growers living close to the city.
An economic confidence survey released last week, reveals that vegetable growers' confidence has increased by 32 per cent.
Eco-friendly pheromone trap is also getting much popularity among the vegetable growers of the region.
Now, concern is turning towards glyphosate, a basic farming tool used extensively on orchards and grapevines and by vegetable growers, grain croppers and livestock farmers.
Glazebrook's slim physique is testament to the amount of effort that giant vegetable growers put into their hobby.
Bathurst farmers say a mine's bid to use the city's treated effluent could take water away from downstream vegetable growers.
The dwellers, especially the houseboat owners or the vegetable growers are as intrinsic part of the structure as the water itself...

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vegetable прилагательное
vegetable имя существительное
vegetable production имя существительное
vegetable oil имя существительное
vegetable growing имя существительное
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