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vegetable garden
  • огород
vegetable gardening
  • огородничество

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All residents will be able to access their unit on bike, and each unit will come with a small space for a vegetable garden.
Of course, for us citydwellers, it is not always possible to source our produce locally, let alone to set up a vegetable garden.
She also said chicken manure was the best especially if you have a vegetable garden.
They were charmed by the backyard, which had a big patio and a vegetable garden, and the black and white ceramic tiles in the kitchen.
We formed a committee with members of the community and looked at poultry rearing and a vegetable garden.
Ummi now keeps a few dozen chickens and owns a vegetable garden which to a large extent, cater for her family's needs.
It left sweat stains on his soul that would not allow him even to keep a vegetable garden at home.
Alternatively, strawberries are planted in rows in the vegetable garden or can be interspersed throughout edible gardens.
As head of the school's environmental group, she constantly urges her students to participate in vegetable gardening, tree planting and other earth-friendly activities.
This year edition will have free seminars including on the growing interest in vegetable gardening.
Wolf's fascination with squash began five years ago when he dug a potager to get his children involved in vegetable gardening.
And that could be the reason some government officials are thinking of promoting vegetable gardening in the home.
And that could be the reason why some government officials are thinking of promoting vegetable gardening in the home.
Their vegetable gardening is done mainly through autumn to spring, as he finds things get too dry over summer.
The latest poll from supermarketguru.com shows vegetable gardening among members of its survey panel increased from 79% in 2011 to 85% in 2012.
Vegetable gardening is flourishing and even the old-fashioned ferns are having a revival.
On her terrace there are more flowers, including an orchid garden, with some space dedicated to vegetable gardening.

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