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vast grasslands
  • обширные лугопастбища
  • обширные луга

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Just beyond the city, there would be vast grasslands and cloud-filled skies.
Their actions helped sustain the existence of these vast grasslands and, with their extinction, much of this area has turned into a frozen, lifeless tundra.
From towering mountains to vast grasslands and immense oceans, there's a world of natural wonder out there waiting to explore.
The presence of the chick is evidence that the vast grasslands there are a breeding ground for the species that is on the verge of extinction.
Unlike other members of this group, while searching for prey the secretary bird does not fly but walk from one point to another in the vast grasslands of the savannah.
This region of vast grasslands, rolling hills, buttes and river canyons is rich in history and strife.

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