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vary geographically
  • различаются географически
  • варьироваться географически

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The prevalence of the strains varies geographically, but co-circulation of all four serotypes is common in highly endemic areas.
The largest analysis of vision impairment and blindness worldwide has revealed that the proportion of cataract and macular degeneration as a cause of these disabilities vary geographically.
A new study has revealed that the proportion of vision impairment and blindness worldwide that is caused by cataract and macular degeneration varies geographically.
Go here for information on how the penetration of farmers markets varies geographically and a map showing the percent of change of farmers markets per capita between 2009 and 2012.
Substitution and interchangeability, the rules for which also vary geographically, will ultimately by impacted by patient acceptance and caregiver confidence.
The forms that purdah take vary geographically and by ethic group--for example, some women wear the burqa and others a hijab.
Further, we found no correlation between utilization and prices, which may reflect the fact that benefit designs may vary geographically in ways that counteract underlying differences in negotiated prices.
There are some additional system integration costs and market balancing costs that vary geographically.

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