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variety of genres
  • разнообразие жанров

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Данные предложения взяты с внешних ресурсов и могут быть неточными. bab.la не несёт ответственность за их содержание.

I played a variety of genres, including classical, hip-hop and rock.
It's a visual feast, featuring contrasting styles and a variety of genres, from paintings to sculpture to drawings and mosaics.
Our staff have painstaking argued with one another for hours, creating a decisive list of our favourite games across a variety of genres.
The 24-year-old singer will appear on the 45-year-old singer's upcoming album, which features a variety of genres.
The bands that took to the stage from then onwards sang original scores presenting a variety of genres.
The game features a variety of genres, blending orchestral, rock and electronic music that mix well smoothly and effectively.
The others in the band all have active outside musical interests in a variety of genres.
The singer was awarded with the grand prize, impressing the jury with her outstanding vocal talent and confident singing manner in a variety of genres.
Though they do explore a variety of genres, each track, in fact, combines aspects of many styles.
Voices are chosen that wobble, rumble, quiver, and howl in a variety of genres.

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