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value greatly
  • ценность значительно
  • значение значительно

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Another father, married 20 years with two teenaged daughters, has a beautiful family, whom he professes to love deeply and value greatly.
It also recognizes all those partnerships we have fostered, and value greatly -- that help us get the good word out, and bring the business in.
Obviously, the net metering bill-credit value greatly influences the economics and attractiveness of community-scale solar as a potential power-generation source for corporations and the communities they inhabit.
Customers, lessors and potential business partners alike value greatly the security that comes with proven longevity.
The vast majority of childcare employees are educated professionals who love and respect children and value greatly the impact the quality of their care can make on young lives.
Something that we hold on to, appreciate and value greatly for its seemingly everlasting existence, its sentimentality.

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