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vacation getaway
  • отдых в отпуске
  • отпуск отдыха

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The area was planned as a vacation getaway in the 1930s until chemicals from farm runoff caused mass wildlife deaths and flooding submerged much of the town by the 1970s.
This every-kid is usually thrust into an unfamiliar environment (a new town, a vacation getaway, a haunted summer camp) where things are never as they seem.
Squires says the event has grown into a vacation getaway for many people.
Considering an entertaining commuter and vacation getaway machine that'll do double duty as a weekend racer?
The modernist dwellings were popular at many a mountain and lakeside vacation getaway, icons of a leisurely lifestyle.
Along with the $15,000 vacation getaway, there were more than $900,000 in prizes and discounts available to be won, with one in three tickets winning instantly.

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getaway имя существительное
vacation имя существительное
to make a getaway глагол
vacation pay имя существительное
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