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utility grid
  • инженерная сетка
  • коммунальная сетка

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Much like a smartphone, smart grid also encourages the computerisation of electric utility grid.
Researchers have used the compound to create a high-performance "flow" battery, a leading contender for storing renewable power in the electric utility grid.
The first type is configured as an off-grid or standalone system that operates independently of the electric utility grid.
In addition, photovoltaic power supplied to the utility grid is expected to gain visibility as global solar energy demand is increasing.
At the same time, a home solar system with battery storage is good for the utility grid.
The focus will be on energy efficiency and improvements throughout the building life cycle, as well as seamless integrations between renewable energy, distributed power and the utility grid.
This spring the family will be among the first ger residents to be hooked up to the city's utility grid, bringing piped water and heating into their home.
You can then route the excess power into the electric utility grid for compensation from the utility company, that is, they pay you for the energy you don't use.
A building inspector discovered that the installed inverter was incompatible with the utility grid and the system would not operate.

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grid имя существительное
utility имя существительное
utility прилагательное