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utility generate
  • генерировать утилиту
  • утилита генерировать

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This demand is reasonable only if the utility generates electricity efficiently.
In the old model the utility generated all the electricity and sent it, and consumers sent back their money.
Other policy options could include power utilities generating more of their own revenue.
Senior management grew to 238 people last year from 152 in 2005, despite a 20-per-cent drop in the amount of electricity the utility generates.
The association primarily lobbied for passage of a national renewable electricity standard, that national mandate that utilities generate some green power.
However, utilities generate data through many diverse systems and processes which can be complex to dissect, therefore making it difficult to establish patterns that require immediate action.
It uses software, data analytics and deep industry knowledge to make power plants run better and help utilities generate more power at a lower cost and reduce their emissions.
Let's all close our eyes and imagine that everyone has a large rooftop solar system and the demand for utility generated electricity drops down to zero on sunny days.