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useful guide
  • полезное руководство
useful guidelines
  • полезные руководящие принципы

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Derivatives prices can be a useful guide to future market conditions.
The food pyramid is a useful guide to follow when looking a child's diet.
The result is a complex and nuanced picture of what makes a good leader, and a useful guide to selecting one.
There's a useful guide to the launcher's functions on first install too, which is handy for new users.
This book by an experienced workshop facilitator is a useful guide to the organization of workshops and insights into group processes.
What was meant to provide patients with a useful guide to a surgeon's reliability has scared off a generation of students.
Yet it still provides a useful guide to what might be required of a serious emission-cutting effort.
A useful guide for exploring current penetration and scope for future growth is per capita consumption.
The last graphic we shared on steeping times and temperatures focused on tea bags, but this one is a useful guide for loose tea.
But they provide useful guidelines for mean values and a usual bandwidth and distribution of values within which the subject case can be positioned based on its particularities.
But there are also some very specific types of mentors -- with well-defined personality traits -- that can serve as useful guidelines to steer entrepreneurs in the right direction.
Please note, these times are intended as useful guidelines only, and your child may have slightly different sleeping patterns.
There are no useful guidelines or published selection procedures for their appointment, giving the justice minister the freest hand possible in making the appointments to the committees.
Going by the saying, "money saved is money earned", the book aims to provide useful guidelines to assist the reader with saving money in many ways.
It also offers many useful guidelines on daily maintenance and proper care of these furniture products.
Categories like chair, smartphone, tree, and hamster for example are useful guidelines for knowing what kind of behavior to expect from a particular thing and how to interact with it.
By following these very useful guidelines you can lessen the risk of all types of skin-related problems.
In order to achieve your dreams of owning a low-cost bakery, here are some useful guidelines to follow.
It also provides useful guidelines to doctors conducting investigations into an adverse event as well as dealing with patients and family members affected by the adverse event.