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useful guidance
  • полезное руководство

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After initially looking at 3,928 studies about sleep, they selected 277 that would provide useful guidance on what "a good night's sleep" actually meant.
The sources referenced by the court provide useful guidance on when a tribunal's reasons in other decisions are appropriate to review.
The user reviews are not always completely reliable, but they do give useful guidance, with photographs and costings, when you are looking for hotels in far-flung places.
International electoral standards as enshrined in international law provide useful guidance and.
There is some very useful guidance on the website by adjudicators of past cases and how they ruled, which might help you assemble your case.
Parents too will find useful guidance about how to support their young children to develop literacy skills.
National legislative frameworks, international political commitments and the latest scientific knowledge provide useful guidance as to what such a budget should be.
The birth narrative "gives us an anchor and a compass," she says, and continues to offer useful guidance for contemporary life, despite dating back more than 2,000 years.
The importance of supply chain continuity is rising and yet there is little useful guidance for businesses explaining how to tackle continuity in the supply chain.

варианты переводов в англо-русском словаре

guidance имя существительное
useful прилагательное
useful наречие
manual guidance имя существительное
useful life имя существительное
useful effect имя существительное