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«used gas» - перевод на русский

used gas
  • использованный газ
  • использованных газа

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She had no electricity in her isolated home and is believed to have used gas lanterns.
They tried to break the door, but when they could not, they used gas cutters.
The day the shop was closed, the accused used gas cutters to cut a hole through their rented shop and sneaked into the jewellery shop.
He then used gas welders to cut open the grills on the apartment door that had been installed by the society to prevent trespassers.
I don't think the house-sitter used gas heat, but in any case used far more gas than we normally would in the house (hot water, presumably).
The fuel cell used gas and waste heat to produce most of the on-site power, but with 65 per cent less greenhouse gas impact than power sourced from the grid.