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use the glue
  • использовать клей

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This would save on having to use glue, and should the drive ever have to be removed then it would come out a bit easier.
You do nt have to use glue; they will not smudge or chip and you don't have to wait for them to dry -- bonus!
They said she uses a glue stick to reseal the envelopes and send them out.
Plus, the serpentine design is very useful for self adhesion to any surface without using glues.
Just make sure to use glue that's insoluble and that dries clear or to a tone that blends with your object.
Other challenges included using glue that was chemical free as children put them in their mouth.
To make a party hat, make a cone shape out of decorative paper, using glue or double-sided tape to hold the cone together.
She said cheap salons used glue that was not suitable for the delicate eye area and that the industry needed to be regulated.
The finished skeleton is covered with recycled and waste paper and cloth using glue made of arrowroot.

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