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use genomics
  • использовать геномику

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As part of a growing team, the incumbent will join a collaborative work environment focused on clinically related research initiatives using genomics technologies.
Cancer biomarkers improves the cancer detection and facilitate high speed, non-invasive diagnosis using genomics and proteomics based tools.
Another developing area of individualized care involves using genomics to diagnosis patients with diseases that escape easy identification, he says.
Biologists are starting to learn, using genomics, that evolution makes similar structures from the same starting materials, even if the organisms aren't even that closely related.
They will use genomics technology to assess the effects of various diets on fish health at the molecular level.
We have just completed a new study that shows we could use genomics to cut the testing process down to a matter of days.
His talk, along with others, left us with the sense that using genomics to provide personalized treatment of cancers is simply exploding.
Breeding companies are now using genomics in the selection of bulls for progeny testing.
However, these are just some of the challenges we will face as we use genomics to advance human health.

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