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use gasoline
  • использовать бензин

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Never use gasoline, kerosene or any other flammable liquid to start a fire because the risk of personal injury is high.
Never use gasoline to start or accelerate a grill, campfire, brush fire, bonfire or any other type of fire.
Never use gasoline around an open source of flame, such as a cigarette.
It is so steep and deep that we had to use gasoline powered rope ascenders to climb back up.
Generally, it appears that those that use gasoline are fairly cheaper than the diesel brands.
Everybody has private generators, which they use gasoline to fuel when the electricity goes out.
That is, the decision each of us makes to use gasoline doesn't take into account factors like the costs to others in terms of health care and climate change.
Engine-driven power tools use gasoline for their operation, and pneumatic power tools operate with the effective deployment of compressors.

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gasoline имя существительное
use имя существительное
use of the familiar pronoun имя существительное
use of the polite pronoun имя существительное
use only
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