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use a grinder
  • использовать шлифовальный станок

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These days, shops use grinders and mills that use grinding surfaces made of metal.
She also made the case that she had used the grinder once to grind pinhead oats into flour.
In pairs, the carvers worked through the day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., using grinders, sanders, hammers and chisels.
They allegedly used a grinder to destroy the strong room door and vandalised the reception area.
Staff, who were still waiting on police officials from the forensics lab to arrive, said the thieves had used grinders to break the locks encasing the computers.
Use a grinder to create the crumbs and sprinkle them into a cup of porridge.
It's believed the suspect tried used a grinder on the safe, but couldn't get in.
But if you just spent a grand on an espresso machine, you should be using a grinder that will do your brew method justice.