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use a grill
  • пользоваться грилем
  • использовать гриль

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Never use grills inside the home or the garage, even if the doors are open.
The device uses a grill and a fan to blast very hot air around food at high speeds, cooking it from all sides.
You really do need cast iron, as no other surface seems to work - if you don't have a pan, try using the grill plate of your barbecue.
She also suggested using a grill basket or simply placing vegetables directly on the grill.
Spartak has not had electricity, gas, or water services since 2014, so she uses a grill to cook her food.
I use the grill instead of the oven to cook the courgettes quickly and to impart maximum sweet smoky flavour.
There are a few that use grills with flames from below, and still even fewer that use charcoal.

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