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use a grid
  • использовать сетку

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The graves were once found using a grid system, referencing numbers on one wall and letters on the other.
When you have a large number of activities it is difficult to visually represent and estimate them using the grid view only.
Life assurers must use the grid's standardised definitions and severity levels and state what their payouts will be for the four illnesses defined in this way.
While children can do freehand painting, adults will use grids and the concept of proportion to replicate a picture.
We calculated that if the simulators used a grid size of about 10-27 meters, then the cutoff energy would vary in different directions.
The next step is to use grids with 121 electrodes on them to get better resolution.
Of course when standing by, hove-to at sea they can't use the grid...
Ambulances are being delayed in reaching injured walkers by the inability of some controllers to use grid references.
This model uses a grid, where each location is a spot where a grain of sand can be added.

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