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use a graph
  • использовать график

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Heinberg carefully delineates, using graphs and statistics, how this happened and what our planetary limits are.
Using graphs and animation, you'll know exactly how much water you need to drink the rest of the day to make sure that you are properly hydrated.
Although science teachers express confidence in their ability to use graphs, there is little common agreement between them on how graphs should be presented.
In the second year, they will be required to know the two, five and 10 times tables, add and subtract two-digit numbers in their head and begin to use graphs.
That is, when would you be a fool not to use a graph database for a particular business need?
But the same teachers reported that their students were less confident using graphs -- several commented that their students needed a great deal of support with this.
Manufacturers, on the other hand, can use graph data to chart seasonal demand and online buying habits, projecting revenues based on that data for the next four quarters.
It was intended as a lesson in how to use graph paper, but it became clear to me after plotting the fourth or fifth dot that a pattern was emerging.
My 6th grade gifted teacher had to switch me to using graph paper to do math so that it was neat enough to follow.

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