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use a gel
  • использовать гель

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Avoid using gels which form massive lather, as then it would be difficult to see the beard.
The prostheses were fitted using gel pads and a strap which fits around her tummy.
Only one-fifth of the women used the gel consistently, while about 65 percent used it sometimes.
You may notice that some of the old stain has been sanded away, so you can use gel stain to put some colour back into the wood.
She used the gel for 15 days, before her husband woke one night to find her unresponsive.
One issue with using a gel material is that air pockets usually form between the phone and the material, which ends up with the case warping.
In order for the study to be successful, researchers need to ensure that participants use the gel.
Decorate it using glass paints, beads, shells and other small decorative objects and complete it using a gel candle.
In the event you can't get to a sink, you should use gel hand sanitizer that's at least 62 percent alcohol.

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