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urge the governor
  • призвать губернатора
  • призываем губернатора

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He urged the governor to discuss the issue with the chief ministers of both the states and resolve it.
He urged the governor to keep up the good work, saying that there was no alternative to peace.
He urged the governor to make public copies of the budget to enable the people have better knowledge of his administration.
He urged the governor to source for other means of paying the teachers minimum wage.
I urge the governor to create a forum for frank interaction with the stakeholders on how to move the state forward.
I urge the governor to stick to his modest plan which he himself designed.
The group then urged the governor to rescind his decisions by recognising key members of the party for justice to prevail.
The clergy urged the governor to double his efforts as the head of state during the second term.
Tsaragi community rejected the panel and urged the governor to set up a reconciliation commission.

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