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urge the government
  • настоятельно призвать правительство
  • призываем правительство

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As child health professionals treating children with obesity-related conditions we urge government to note that young people themselves are asking for help.
From employment creation perspective, we urge government to proceed with caution and to be strategic in its tax concessions.
We urge government to accept the offer of dialogue while rejecting conditions that mean shirking its responsibility for peace and security nationwide.
We urge government to apply heavy sanctions against any shipping line that acts contrarily or attempts to impose such arbitrary charges on shippers.
We urge government to continue on the path of diligent negotiations, with the objective of recovering the girls firmly in view.
We urge government to leverage and effectively implement existing policies and visions.
We urge government to put in more efforts to ensure compliance with standards.
We urge government to rethink this plan, and seek creative ways of funding the scheme.

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urge имя существительное
government имя существительное