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urban growth
  • рост городов

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Does it or doesn't it support getting rid of the urban growth boundary?
The urban growth boundary creates an artificial scarcity of land, and drives up section costs.
They found the plan change would provide a consolidated industrial area meeting long-term demand within the urban growth boundary.
You'll be able to see how events like deforestation, urban growth and drying seas have changed the face of the planet.
Urban growth and a change in consumption patterns can benefit small and large farmers.
In developing countries -- which account for 90 percent of urban growth -- there is a window of opportunity to build climate-smart cities.
Its aim is to focus on enhanced land use management, coordination of urban growth, integrated transport planning; and innovative urban regeneration strategies.
With limited basic services that can't keep up with rapid urban growth, many people are forced to live without sufficient sanitation or water.
Over the next decades, the onslaught of urban growth will occur elsewhere.

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urban прилагательное
growth имя существительное
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malignant growth имя существительное
morbid growth имя существительное
non-malignant growth имя существительное
balanced growth имя существительное
economic growth имя существительное
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