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urban governance
  • управление городским хозяйством
  • городское управление

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Key focus areas include guiding national urban policies and systems of urban governance.
The concept of smart city is essentially a techno -- managerial view of urban governance.
Transferring more functions to metropolitan municipalities is a necessary step towards improving the coordination of urban governance, but it is not sufficient.
It has evolved as an alternate think-tank on public policy through research in select areas like health, urban governance and infrastructure.
The new twinning protocol will have a wider scope and include economic development, culture, the environment, sustainable development, urban governance and the social sector.
While those are real concerns, the concept of improved urban governance through better use of information is a promising one.
Uber is more interested in urban governance than in becoming a utility.
Another approach is to point to the increasingly layered data analytic services that drive "smarter" urban governance.
Urban governance bodies also function within a tangle of overlapping jurisdictions.

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