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urban ghetto
  • городское гетто

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Intensification without the accompanying investment and planning for liveable public spaces and infrastructure, risks making the newspapers' "urban ghetto" scare stories a reality.
Of course there is ignorance out there, with some people thinking "urban reserve" means an "urban ghetto," with its associated poverty.
They already had houses, but were now fighting a defensive battle just to stay on in the urban ghettoes.
Thus, more people belonging to the privileged class audience get the opportunity to go through the painful experience of urban ghettos.
Nigeria's most exclusive neighbourhoods are chaotic, dysfunctional, unreflected urban ghettoes boasting billion-naira mansions, villas, and chateaux.
Are we all imprisoned within each of our urban ghettoes, isolated from the rest of the city residents?
Without access to affordable housing in the city, this vulnerable group are confined to urban ghettos far from work opportunities and adequate amenities.

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