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urban geography
  • городская география
  • география городов

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It will have its own, unique challenges - perhaps things like the weather, red tape, our scattered urban geography, bad instagram filters.
It's an experiment in building compactly and well in a part of the city where urban geography makes doing so a challenge.
It also concluded that our urban geography helps explain our relatively high property prices.
Changes in consumer demand, increasing private automobiles, diffusion of social infrastructure, and desire for quality life have led to the decentralisation of urban geography.
In the 1980s, writers, from here and away, were mapping the city's urban geography and experience.
Artists are known in the urban geography research community as' gentrification pioneers'.
It's a really interesting look at urban geography and how cities were built.
If it continues in earnest, urban geography and urban economics will have to be entirely redrawn.
Malik, 21, is in her first year of the master's program in science and urban geography.
Spots provided by the city's urban geography are skated far more than its skate parks.

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