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urban gardening
  • городское садоводство
  • городского садоводства

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As for urban gardening, real-estate prices in the region have skyrocketed and lot sizes have shrunk while houses have grown.
Building a raised bed and using tested soil and compost from an outside source is another good option for urban gardening, the researchers said.
That debris gets turned into compost used to fertilize local parks, and for years it's also been available for free for urban gardening.
Credit it to local food trends, economic belt-tightening, or a renewed interest in urban gardening -- whatever the reason, canning seems to have made a comeback.
Take, for example, the interest in urban gardening, farmers markets and food trucks.
Ontario is a means of sharing his passion about food sustainability and passing on knowledge about urban gardening.
You have to get people excited about composting about urban gardening, and show what that looks like.
Urban gardening is a communal effort where people come together to rent an empty piece of land to grow vegetables.
Urban gardening is on the up, with people finding more and more unusual places to plant in the city.
One of the common misconceptions about urban gardening is you need to have the backyard for it.

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gardening имя существительное
urban прилагательное
urban population имя существительное