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urban gardeners
  • городские садоводы

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Urban gardeners have been aware of lead in urban soils for a long time, and have depended on testing and remediation to prevent health issues.
She doesn't believe urban gardeners will ever shun the supermarket, but there is a growing yearning to relearn the skill of gardening.
As all intrepid urban gardeners know, when there's no available ground space, the only way is up.
But for space-challenged urban gardeners, there may be better, more efficient ways to get your greens than brussels sprouts.
Inventive urban gardeners don't dwell on what they don't have, but use what they do have.
Dangelmaier also reckons they are a good choice for urban gardeners working in limited space as lilies can easily be grown in containers.
Art gatherings, squatters, street vendors and even urban gardeners often function outside formal systems.

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urban прилагательное
urban population имя существительное
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