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urban garden
  • городской сад
urban gardeners
  • городские садоводы
urban gardening
  • городское садоводство
  • городского садоводства

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An updated cafeteria space that incorporates healthy eating information or an urban garden.
But in an urban garden, exposure to pesticides is typically small and of limited duration.
One of the goals is to turn the city into an urban garden, with more parks, trees, gardens and street plantings.
That is, until city workers "captured" it and transformed it into an urban garden, with nothing to accomplish but beauty and pleasure.
The stores' own technical staff built the planters and converted the narrow rooftop into an urban garden.
Gathering the support of over 700 volunteers, she decided to transform a nearby site of rubble and concrete into a lush, leafy urban garden.
Workers began bulldozing a 14-acre urban garden, and 10 protesters were arrested as they tried to stop the demolition.
The goal was to keep them healthy and happy (and producing vegetables for me in my urban garden).
It's been conceived as a "participatory project", where local residents were able to donate plants to be included in the urban garden.
Another possible reason for the rise of the rooftop extension is as a way for space-starved flat dwellers to get their own urban garden.
Urban gardeners have been aware of lead in urban soils for a long time, and have depended on testing and remediation to prevent health issues.
She doesn't believe urban gardeners will ever shun the supermarket, but there is a growing yearning to relearn the skill of gardening.
As all intrepid urban gardeners know, when there's no available ground space, the only way is up.
But for space-challenged urban gardeners, there may be better, more efficient ways to get your greens than brussels sprouts.
Inventive urban gardeners don't dwell on what they don't have, but use what they do have.
Dangelmaier also reckons they are a good choice for urban gardeners working in limited space as lilies can easily be grown in containers.
Art gatherings, squatters, street vendors and even urban gardeners often function outside formal systems.
As for urban gardening, real-estate prices in the region have skyrocketed and lot sizes have shrunk while houses have grown.
Building a raised bed and using tested soil and compost from an outside source is another good option for urban gardening, the researchers said.
That debris gets turned into compost used to fertilize local parks, and for years it's also been available for free for urban gardening.
Credit it to local food trends, economic belt-tightening, or a renewed interest in urban gardening -- whatever the reason, canning seems to have made a comeback.
Take, for example, the interest in urban gardening, farmers markets and food trucks.
Ontario is a means of sharing his passion about food sustainability and passing on knowledge about urban gardening.
You have to get people excited about composting about urban gardening, and show what that looks like.
Urban gardening is a communal effort where people come together to rent an empty piece of land to grow vegetables.
Urban gardening is on the up, with people finding more and more unusual places to plant in the city.
One of the common misconceptions about urban gardening is you need to have the backyard for it.

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