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upper grades
  • верхние классы
  • высшие классы

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But the more intense, independent learning in the upper grades, he said, caused him to fall way behind.
Just as no teacher teaches all subjects, no parent should teach all subjects in the upper grades.
There's a lot more prevalence of use among the upper grades, more so than grades 7 and 8.
With band, even if teens want to move on in the upper grades, they've already received the benefits.
This lack of foundational standards in the upper grades creates an achievement gap that can never be closed.
History and geography reports weren't assigned as often in the upper grades of my elementary school.
Moreover, student achievement was even more strongly linked to class size reduction in the upper grades than the lower grades.
The evidence for the advantages of small classes in the upper grades and high school is so far inconclusive.

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