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upper gallery
  • верхняя галерея

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As soon as a fire catches hold within a library it has got plenty to work on: the books, the bookcases, the furniture, the balustrade, the upper gallery.
As two teams concentrated on the huddle at timeout, specks of light began sparkling at the upper gallery.
For one, it was a sold-out concert as venue of the show was filled to capacity, including the upper gallery.
Turn a corner in the upper gallery, and you're confronted by a rusted antique coffin, wrapped in a chain and secured to the ceiling with a meat hook.
Walking into the upper gallery, the room is light and airy; in the centre of the room are what appear to be giant, collaged polaroids.
While the courtyard catered to oratory sessions and theatre, the upper gallery had presentations, sessions, workshops and comic relief.
An upper gallery rises 3.5m above the pool deck, allowing some respite from the activity below.

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