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upcoming generation
  • предстоящее поколение

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He said if he were a local, he would concentrate on infrastructural development with the intention of improvement for the upcoming generation.
I am also going to use the opportunity to impart my knowledge to the upcoming generation.
It urged the government to open vocational schools where technical trainings would be taught formally to the upcoming generation.
Reflecting on the same, the veteran all-rounder expressed that he would be happy to provide his cricketing experience to the upcoming generation.
She stressed on raising awareness about this dangerous situation and compelling the government to amend the laws in a bid to save the upcoming generation.
The event turned out to be an ideal forum to assess the dental needs of the upcoming generation.
Twitter is definitely a good writing tool, especially for the upcoming generation, as news stories are already becoming shorter and shorter.
We have to think of what we will do tomorrow for the sake of the upcoming generation.

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upcoming прилагательное
generation имя существительное
actual generation имя существительное
fifth generation имя существительное
hardware character generation имя существительное
memory of generation имя существительное
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