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upcoming game
  • предстоящая игра

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Both teams will have their complete lineups available for the upcoming game.
For a better look at the upcoming game, check out our hands-on preview from earlier this week.
He also broke down each opposing pass rusher's tendencies for the upcoming game.
However, a dataminer has peeked behind the curtain and released a myriad of details about the upcoming game.
In keeping with the upcoming game, the company has splashed this mouse with a fearsome red dragon on the body.
In the rather lengthy interview, he dropped some nuggets of information about the upcoming game, including titbits about its lore and gameplay.
Johnson certainly has the pedigree and proper attributes for the upcoming game.
Are you happy with more media of an upcoming game, no matter what it is?

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upcoming прилагательное
game имя существительное
game прилагательное
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