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unrealized gains
  • нереализованные прибыли
  • нереализованные выгоды

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Unrealized gains or losses on commodity risk management contracts represent the change in the mark-to-market position of the unsettled commodity risk management contracts during the period.
Unrealized gains or losses on revalued cash share-based compensation which has been expensed and is unexercised at the end of the reporting period.
More than 80% of urban households own their homes, and 60% of these homeowners are sitting on unrealized gains in value.
Unrealized gains and losses on fair value through profit or loss financial instruments are recognized in earnings.
Adjusted earnings, previously labeled as "core earnings," exclude realized and unrealized gains and losses associated with our securities portfolios.
This feature will help in securing certain percentage of unrealized gains from the equity portion, in case of any subsequent fall in the stock market.
Nissay's risk-adjusted capitalization remains strong despite the decrease in its capital and surplus led by the reduction in unrealized gains from its investment portfolio.
The app's powerful tools let you review trades, positions, history, performance, realized and unrealized gains, market value and more.
In the table above, of the unrealized losses on equity and equity-related investments in 2015, $381.3 million resulted simply from unrealized gains becoming realized gains.
Because these are unrealized gains and losses, they have little impact on operations.

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unrealized прилагательное
capital gains имя существительное
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