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unprecedented growth
  • беспрецедентный рост

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First, we are seeing an unprecedented growth in investment activity.
This investment would lead to an unprecedented growth in the automobile sector but the foundry industry is not matching these development standards.
With the dawn of peace the country's once flourishing tourist industry is witnessing an unprecedented growth in tourist arrivals.
Will these publicly-traded companies maneuver to insulate themselves from investor backlash to the unprecedented growth they experienced in the early adoption days of the smartphone?
Economists blame the unprecedented growth in credit for the inflation and asset bubbles.
The unprecedented growth will primarily reflect due to a spur in the growth of online consumers, expected to touch 200 milion by the year 2020.
This article focuses primarily on the impacts that the unprecedented growth could have and is having on our transportation and transit infrastructure.
Founded in 2002, the company has more than a decade of success in helping loyal customers achieve unprecedented growth and profitability.

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unprecedented прилагательное
growth имя существительное
new growth имя существительное
malignant growth имя существительное
morbid growth имя существительное
non-malignant growth имя существительное
balanced growth имя существительное
economic growth имя существительное