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unloading groceries
  • разгрузка продуктов питания
  • разгрузка продуктов

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He felt angry when he couldn't bear to take his four little girls to the park because he was too exhausted from unloading groceries.
Flies are so thick in the summer that even mundane tasks like unloading groceries become unbearably arduous.
She was unloading groceries and saw the boy through her open garage door.
Across the soaked intersection, in front of a single-family home, a middle-aged man was unloading groceries from his car.
The girl backs away down the smoothly paved road, her terrified eyes pinned wide, as an elder neighbor unloading groceries a few houses away asks if everything is alright.
She recalls the time she put her baby's empty car seat down in the front yard while unloading groceries.

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