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union grievances
  • недовольства профсоюзов
  • профсоюзные жалобы

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If principals stand up for the best candidate, will a storm of union grievances follow?
The seven employees, who all worked in the area of prescription drug research, have either filed lawsuits or union grievances against the government, and all deny any wrongdoing.
A total of 42 union grievances were filed with municipal management in the first six months of the fiscal year.
It's expected to have an impact on many union grievances that were put on hold while the appeal court deliberated.
Until 2005 there were 13 union grievances but currently only four remain.
Deasy's removal of the school's staff resulted in protests by parents and a raft of union grievances.
By the evening's end, trustees had been both chastised by a 19-year-old student and called out by a faculty member who handles union grievances.
The workers have denied wrong doing, and have either filed civil wrongful-dismissal lawsuits or filed union grievances.
For all departments combined, the city spent $650,654 in legal costs last year on union grievances, and factoring in other arbitration and mediation costs, $774,581 overall.
In the meantime, the general manager referred to in union grievances had been placed on special leave pending a possible disciplinary hearing linked to the company's investigation.

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