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uniform guidelines
  • единообразные руководящие принципы
  • единые руководящие принципы

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Nadda said the bill provides for the appointment of one or more ombudsman in every state, for which the central government will circulate uniform guidelines.
Under the school's new uniform guidelines, shorts, bucket hats and short skirts are banned, and blazers and ties must be worn by students in years nine, 12 and 13.
I would like to examine whether uniform guidelines on bookkeeping could be introduced and made mandatory.
The hearings, she said, would aim to craft uniform guidelines for the effective implementation of the two laws.
The regulator also proposed to frame uniform guidelines for all foreign portfolio investors, a step which is expected to help better regulate their investments.
While his fellow officers wanted to wear pink shirts to show their support, official uniform guidelines got in the way.
The move also comes after the regulator and investment bankers felt the need to put in place uniform guidelines for higher disclosure standards.
There should be uniform guidelines for hospitals on infection control.
Need uniform guidelines that expand size of the ground and limit the thickness of the bat, get some balance back and not turn cricket into a methodless game of insanity.
Numerous facilities were developed without compliance with any uniform guidelines regarding minimum mineral content for final product quality.

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