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understanding of genetics
  • понимание генетики

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A better understanding of genetics will help unlock a cascade of other problems that surround this disease including mitochondrial dysfunction, lysosomal degradation, neuroinflammation, gut bacteria, and epigenetics, among others.
But an understanding of genetics is by no means the complete picture.
A greater understanding of genetics and the mapping of the human genome are driving the development of drugs that can treat rare genetic diseases.
Unfortunately, understanding of genetics among physicians, patients, and policymakers also remains low.
You know what is really silly, is that it took experts and professional scientists to figure out what anyone with even a rudimentary understanding of genetics would understand.
Even though the understanding of genetics and genomics is as good as it's ever been, the test plot is where the plant encounters the real world.
A shaky understanding of genetics also underpins this idea, but sloppy communications can reinforce it.
More than 1,500 patients and family members are now participating in genetic studies aimed at improving treatment through a better understanding of genetics.
Well, would society benefit more from a better understanding of genetics or shrimp on a treadmill?
But it wasn't until the 1990s, and the boom in understanding of genetics, that scientists finally learnt how to harness and enhance this effect.

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