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understanding of gender
  • понимание гендерной проблематики
  • понимание пола

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What happens next could make a huge difference for people who are neither male nor female, marking a new chapter in our understanding of gender.
When the stories of a group of people numbering more than half our population are excluded, our understanding of gender, and of each other suffers.
Our understanding of gender identity is changing fast and our public policies and practices need to keep up.
Our understanding of gender identity is probably where it was 30 years ago.
And we could probably give the latter some refining as we continue to broaden our understanding of gender and what constitutes consent.
Our understanding of gender and gender expression in a binary construct limits individuality, personhood, ability(ies), and ambition.
Ahmar said that they aimed to continue to motivate and inspire youth through a transformative learning process, so that they can get broad understanding of gender issues.
Pakistan is an extremely patriarchal, macho culture, with a strict understanding of gender expression and behaviour.
It will take a much deeper understanding of gender violence in order to adequately address it.
Researchers have come to the conclusion that autism may not be the same thing in boys and girls, and that a better understanding of gender's role is important.

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gender имя существительное
of предлог
understanding имя существительное
understanding прилагательное