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understand the genetics
  • понять генетику

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We are driven by a desire to understand the genetics and biology of cancer and to apply that knowledge to maximise clinical impact.
We will need to continue to apply next generation technologies in trying to understand the genetics and epigenetics of human diseases.
But then we started inventing -- electricity, steam engines, microprocessors, understanding genetics and medicine and things like that.
His research expertise is in combinatorial algorithms with applications to fields such as bioinformatics, which utilizes computer science to better understand genetics.
The post-secular people "understand genetics and experimental methods and statistics," he said.
While this study has importantly applied a whole genome approach to understanding the genetics of prostate cancer, this now needs to be applied to more samples.
Researchers note that understanding the genetics behind immune system response and autoimmune disease may have future implications on therapeutic targets, especially in the treatment of autoimmune disease.
Understanding the genetics and behaviour of cancer could be fundamental to improving the way we treat the disease in the future.
Instead, the answer lies in understanding the genetics of patients and disease.
Aparicio's team aims to better understand the genetics behind the breast cancer tumour by genomically sequencing it at the time of diagnosis and following the evolution of disease.

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EnglishWell, I understand the genetics and lifestyle part.
Мне понятны факторы наследственности и стиля жизни.

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