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underlying geology
  • лежащая в основе геологии
  • основная геология

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But what really surprised us was how carbon storage differed among forest types and the underlying geology, all in very close proximity to one another.
I find myself captivated by the vivid expressions of the underlying geology.
In some cases isotopes of other elements, such as strontium, can add information related to the underlying geology.
Molnar said a shallow earthquake beneath the city could be more damaging because of underlying geology.
My analysis found that on the largest scale -- casualty rates from battles grouped by underlying geology -- all of these limestone-related factors appear to balance.
These isotopes depend on the local environment and its underlying geology, which are then effectively "locked" into the teeth.
An informative introduction describes the park's underlying geology, vegetation types, climate and rainfall, and how these dictate bird distribution within the area.
Although small, islands can be complex ecosystems that are structured by climatic variation and underlying geology.

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geology имя существительное
underlying прилагательное
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