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underlying genetics
  • лежащая в основе генетика
  • основная генетика

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But even after all this there is no reliable way to fully identify the underlying genetics of this disorder.
She is already learning more about the underlying genetics of the glowing microcrystals.
This is another step forward in a compelling new area of study on the underlying genetics of cancer development and progression.
We realised we could use this mutant honey bee to uncover the underlying genetics of worker fertility, by comparing the mutant workers to normal workers.
With an increased life expectancy, the underlying genetics of the disease are more likely to be passed from one generation to the next.
But if they don't have the underlying genetics, it is hard to do that.
Further large-scale data analysis probing this relationship will be needed to sort things out and provide a clearer picture of the strength of the underlying genetics.
Until our understanding of the underlying genetics has advanced further, it is really impossible to predict the long term utility and effect of gene sequencing on health care.
Even when outward symptoms are similar, the underlying genetics factors may call for completely different interventions.

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