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underground garage
  • подземный гараж

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That was an underground garage, where six families were living together and being charged $1,000 a month, better, she says, than this.
The average parking lot cost is $4,000 per space, with a space in an above-grade structure costing $20,000, and a space in an underground garage $30,000-$40,000.
They usually bring him in quietly through a side door or an underground garage.
They're also worried the large building, which would include an underground garage, will block sunlight from their houses, whose backyards are part of the ravine.
You don't have to park on the street or even in an underground garage.
Cobwebs hang around door handles and overgrown weeds threaten to overtake the exhaust vents leading up from the underground garage.
Garbage cans in the underground garage and near the front door were removed.

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